Over 35 dedicated volunteers make up the Jazzoo steering committee. Their countless hours of hard work help make Jazzoo a huge success!

Honorary Chairs

Todd & Nancy LaSala and Jeff & Tracy Dillon

Event Co-Chairs

Marissa Schaffner
Julie Randolph

Bridget White, Adopt An Elephant Co-Chair
Julie Randolph, Adopt An Elephant Co-Chair
David Mitby, Beverage Co-Chair
Mary Nestel, Beverage Co-Chair
Garrett Sheehan, Beverage Co-Chair
Craig Zernickow, Beverage Co-Chair
Lissa Haag, Decorations Chair
Shawn Poores, Entertainment Chair
Kathy Smith, Invitation & Mailing Chair
Jack Bonar, Restaurant Co-Chair 
Adam Davis, Restaurant Ambassadors Chair 
Brad Bodamer, Sponsorship Co-Chair
Gayle Krigel, Sponsorship Co-Chair 
Kelly Johnson, Sponsorship Co-Chair

Alex Block, Sponsorship Committee
David Block, Sponsorship Committee
Jamie Block, Sponsorship Committee
Yolanda Cargile, Sponsorship Committee
Jeff Dillon, Sponsorship Committee
Tom Hargis, Sponsorship Committee
Max Kosoglad, Sponsorship Committee
Jill McGee, Sponsorship Committee
Kelly Shinn, Sponsorship Committee
Nichole Smith, Sponsorship Committee

Chad Sneed, Sponsorship Committee
Patrick Sullivan, Sponsorship Committee
Jean Wagner, Sponsorship Committee
Alexis Bossi, Ticket Co-chair
Jennifer Ray, Ticket Co-chair
Brooke Frazier, Volunteer Co-chair
Caroline Lerro, Volunteer Co-chair
Marissa Schaffner, Volunteer Co-chair
Sarah Gay, Marketing Chair
Randy Wisthoff, Zoo Executive Director/CEO